Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Civilizations Lost in Time -Yonaguni Ruins

The Yonaguni ruins as they are known cover a massive 311 miles and actually includes eight separate sites. Divers have reported that in addition to the huge eight story tall structures that many people are familiar with; there is clear evidence of roads, paved streets, huge altar-like formations and a processional walk way surmounted by pylons.

The single largest structure so far discovered lies near the eastern shore of Yonaguni at 100 feet down. It is approximately 240 feet long, 90 feet across and 45 feet high.

Countless accounts from hundreds of cultures around the world tell of a flood that destroyed many if not all former civilizations. The Yonaguni ruins are potentially one example of this extraordinary event's aftermath.

Most orthodox archaeologists & scientists 'believe' the Yonaguni ruins to be natural formations, no surprise obviously. Literally each finding indicating the existence of advanced civilizations dating back any further than 8,000 years, are debunked immediately.

True history throughout the years has either been "buried" or what's already dug up, "confused".

The following structures were reportedly "discovered" off the island of Yonaguni under 60 feet of water 12 years ago. The last time the area was above water was during the Ice Age when the sea level was lower, approximately 10,000 years ago. We're made to believe humans were nomadic hunter gatherers around that same time.

The ruins looks exactly as they should after ages undersea.

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